Header Menu

Header Menu bar(PC)

The menu bar will always appear at the top of the QUEEN CASINO. You can choose at any time.

Sign up and Log in

You will see “Sign up” button on the top of the right hand side. Please sign up if you do not have an account of QUEEN CASINO yet.

If you are already logged in then you will find the account balance and the account settings button. You can also deposit money with “Deposit” button.

Game Categories

You can find the Game Categories, “Live casino”, “Slot”, and “Table game”

News and Promotions

You can find the news and Promotions with “Promotion” button

Header Menu (Mobile)

You will see a pink stripe at the top of every page. If you click the button on the left hand side, a menu will appear but if you click the dice on the right hand side, the list of games will appear.