Registration Guide

Registration Guide for QUEEN CASINO

It is super easy to register QUEEN CASINO either on smartphones or PC.

How to register on the computers

1. Enter to the QUEEN CASINO

Click “Sign up” at the top of the website.

2. Enter your email and password

2. Enter your email and password and Mark at “I accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions.” Then Click “Create an account.”

From above

  • Email
  • Confirm email
  • Password (must contain numbers and letters)
  • “Terms” button

3.Enter personal information

After filling in the information, click “Update Account”

* Registration tips

  • If there are no items in the selection Please add at [city].
  • You can only choose Thai Baht currency.

4. If return to the home page, it means Your registration is complete.

You will receive a welcome email in the inbox of your email

Next step
Choose the deposit method with QUEEN CASINO